A few words about Kathy…

October 27, 2009

Kathy was the daughter of Monte and Sharyl.  She passed away in 2005.  Kathy took after her mother in the way that she always put others before herself.  She married a kind and wonderful man named Frank Hill and had a son named Kristopher. In some ways, Kathy led a very tough life, but through no fault of her own.

Partial lyrics to the song Vincent, by Don McLean aptly describe Kathy,

this world was never
meant for one
as beautiful as you.

Kathy was an extremely hard worker.  And as with her Mother, she only wanted all of her family to get along.   She was also a great believer in people and gave most people the benefit of the doubt.  Even when they were not what they seemed.

Just before she died from lung cancer, she told her brother it was not dying she feared, but instead she was more worried about how her husband and son would deal with her passing.  Kathy was always toughest on herself and too giving to others, even when those she gave to did not deserve it.


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