A few words about Sharyl…..

October 27, 2009

All people believe their mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and grandmothers are without flaws.  As with Monte, Sharyl had her own flaws, but those were few and her great qualities greatly outnumbered her flaws.

Sharyl died in 2007 at the age of 62.  Sharyl was a beautiful woman who constantly put her own interests last before those of other people.  Sharyl and Monte and their family were quite poor most of their lives, and near the end of her own life, she gave away large sums of money from her own retirement fund to other people.  Most of this money was never repaid.  She also was a complex person who was known to speak her mind and quite fond of using the word “fuck” whenever she wanted.

One of her greatest desires was simply for all her family to just get along.  Sharyl was a RN and last worked as a hospice nurse. Many, many families wrote to her and others regarding her skills as a hospice nurse.   Arguably, one of her greatest skills of a hospice nurse was to never lie to a patient.  While not honest to them in an uncaring manner, she would be truthful to them in a way they wanted to be treated.

One of her greatest periods of sadness was watching her daughter, Kathy, succumb to cancer at the age of 43.

It would be fair to state, many who knew Sharyl were surprised at how well she put up with Monte’s “shit” for so long.



One Response to “A few words about Sharyl…..”

  1. jward199 said

    I think I would have liked Sharyl. 🙂

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