Monte and alcohol….

October 27, 2009

It is very well known, Monte loved alcohol.  There are many reasons why people have such a draw and fondness toward this substance.  In Monte’s case he was known to state it was an antidote to many things.  A coping mechanism, if you will. For those who don’t need this sort of coping item, it may be hard to explain or hard to understand.  Frankly, Monte did not care if they understood or did not.

There are many factors that can be examined to help explain Monte’s draw to alcohol.  One would be, that like so many others, Monte liked to have a good time.  Monte grew up in the fifties, ran with the music crowd and enjoyed the bar scene of yesterday.  Not only these, like so many others, Monte used alcohol to placate his demons.

One of the many things many don’t realize about Monte was his love of nature.  He loved nature so much, it hurt him deeply to see how the modern man disregarded nature.  Now, this is not to state he did not care about “man” – because that would be an understatemnet.  Monte love the idea of “man” and the “nature of man.”  He strongly believed in evolution and thought creationism was based on error, myth and not based in science.  For a strange contradiction, while Monte was a pure artist, he was also a literal believer in evolution and science.

This is pointed out to illustrate how he used alcohol to fight this love of nature.  For a long period of time, Monte would watch many nature programs, grew to be a great environmentalist and joined all of the most obvious environmental groups.  But later in his life, he quit doing this because of the pain it caused him to see things such as the eradication of the Amazon Rain Forest, the extinction of animals and lack of respect for the arts.

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