Monte and his conservative brother…..

October 27, 2009

To those who knew Monte, it was clear what his political views were.  He was clearly a Democrat and geared toward environmental politics. His love of the natural world goes unquestioned.

His brother Jared died before him and his death took a great toll on him.  More will be written about Jared. This post is about Monte and his relationship with his conservative brother Lonnie.

To appreciate this relationship, one must recall, Monte was a very strong liberal and Lonnie, a very strong conservative.  Ideology and political wise, these two were polar opposites and clashed often.  In the Ellis family, Lonnie and his political slant were actually against the norm.  Their father, John, as with most of the Ellis family, was a tremendous union person and staunch Democrat.

Though Lonnie was of a different political persuasion, he still was one of the hardest working people known to Monte. Not only that of being an extremely hard worker, Lonnie was also a tremendously loyal brother.  After Kathy and Sharyl died, Monte was known to tell the story of how Lonnie called him and told him to be sure to call him if there was anything he would ever need and that he always wanted to help his brother.  Lonnie told Monte that he wanted to be sure he would be okay and when Monte asked him if that meant “financially, ”   Lonnie told him, “absolutely.”  Now, remember, Lonnie was the exception to the norm in the Ellis family in being a Republican and while being so, put such differences aside.

Shortly after Kathy passed away in 2005, Sharyl made a tape memorializing the last periods of Kathy’s life and remarked how touched Kathy was that Lonnie and his wife Mona came all the way to Ashland, Illinois from Texas for a benefit held for Kathy, Frank and their son Kristopher.



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