The Complexity of Monte

October 27, 2009

Monte was a very complex person.   Along with his good qualities, he also had his faults.  As this blog goes forward, each of these areas will be revealed.

One thing often misunderstood regarding Monte was a perception of laziness when contrasted to ideas.  He thrived on developing new artistic pieces, but quickly bored with them when it came to the topic and practice of the means of mass production.  Like many artists, Monte also had an uncommon eye for a level of perfection, that to the artist, can never be met.  Many people, even his wife Sharyl, did not appreciate the self-perceived, progression of one’s art to the eye of an artist when compared to that of a consumer of art. Often times, Sharyl would be mistakenly concerned Monte would destroy older pieces of his art under the belief the act was out of spite, anger or some other reason, when instead, because to many artists, the early work to the latest work shows a progression that is hurtful to their artistic eye.

In time, when a variety of his artwork is shown here, this progression from a young, learning artist to that of a master, will be very easily seen.

The sad thing about when this huge progression is noticed, one may wonder what would have happened if Monte had not been stricken with cancer around 1992 and lived beyond his age of 69 in 2009.

Sometime around 1992, Monte was stricken with colon cancer.  His treatment, physically wise, was a success.  Unfortunately, during the surgery, Monte was over-anesthetized, which resulted in brain damage.    All during this time, many thought his behavior was due to depression, his abuse of alcohol and other things.  The brain damage was not properly diagnosed until more than five years later.

While Monte was going through this period, he was known to tell people he just did not “see” the same anymore.  He would tell people his art just did not look the same.  People that did not have his artistic eye just did not understand this.

Painfully, in the year or so before his death, he told his son he was finally starting to see like he used to.


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