Monte And Marv

November 7, 2009

Most likely, before Monte’s death, his most beloved friend was a man named Marv.  Marv is now a retired school teacher and was one of Monte’s true, genuine friends.  Later on, if possible, a picture of Marv and Monte will be posted.

In many ways, Marv had a huge impact on Monte.  Marv is a wiry, tall, bearded man, with a keen desire of nature and an accomplished musician himself.  He is an extremely hard worker and can handle a canoe like none other.  Years ago, each summer, Marv would take teenagers on canoe trips on the clear lakes of Canada.  Not only this, Marv, Monte and two others also made a canoe trip up to the Arctic Circle in 1974.  This trip lasted nearly two months.

This trip is mentioned because it was one of Monte’s proudest accomplishments in his entire life.  Journals of this trip as written by Monte still exist.   Marv later made a very large photographic, framed collage of this trip for Monte.  It was one of Monte’s most cherished gifts.

One time, Marv was asked how he and Monte met.  Marv described it as this way: Marv had a co-worker who bragged to him about having a cousin who could outplay Marv.  This brag was made while Monte and his family were under siege by a flooding Illinois River while living at the Duck Island Gun Club.  Because water made road travel impossible, Marv and Monte’s cousin then paddled a canoe deep into the Illinois backwaters to pay this unknown wildlife/musician a visit.  From there, a life long friendship started.

Marv and his band played music at a memorial for Monte after he passed away.  Marv is clearly one of those people each of us would be lucky to know in a lifetime.


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