Monte and music

November 7, 2009

File0142Monte was quite an accomplished musician.  Not only that, Monte was largely a self-taught musician.  He could play many musical instruments, including the guitar, violin, banjo, harmonica and drums.  He briefly dabbled a bit with a grand piano bought mostly for his daughter, Kathy.  When it came to music, as one can see with the above picture, Monte could be a one-man band.   The instrument in the picture was something built by Monte and is in the possession by his son, Eric.  The exact location of this picture is unknown, but could be from either Wild Prairie Park near Peoria, IL or New Salem State Park near Petersburg, IL.

Monte was known for saying most people who played the harmonica in a harmonica holder while playing a guitar usually did not capture the true sound of a harmonica.  This included both Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

On a funny side note, one time Monte’s son, Eric, asked him to pick out an inexpensive guitar for him to take lessons on.  Monte picked one out and the guitar was purchased by mail order.  Later, when Monte was shown the guitar his reply was, “Man, that’s a piece of shit.”  He then was promptly reminded he was the one who picked it out.

Monte’s musical talent went no further than his own self.  Neither Kathy or Eric play a musical instrument.


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