More on Duck Island Gun Club

November 7, 2009

As stated earlier, after working at this location for some time along with his brothers and friends, Monte became the full-time, on-site manager in 1965.  This entailed moving his entire family to this site.  For those not familiar with this area, the access road to this site is located at the end of the Banner Dike Road.

The road at the end of the Banner Dike Road, a mostly dirt road bordered by trees and the Illinois River, then traveled approximately two miles until reaching a clearing containing the clubhouse, main quarters and a handful of outbuildings.

While this area used to be a private gun and hunting club, it is now owned by the state of Illinois.

The photograph below is how this area looked in 2008.  The buildings, if still standing, would have been just on the other side of these trees.

11-10-07 036

The below photograph is an enhanced photograph of the same area as seen by the Ellis family during their stay at the Duck Island Gun Club.  In the foreground is the club house and in the back ground, the living quarters.

FinalBigLakePicalsFrom this photograph it is hard to tell, but on the left side of the road is a field of sunflowers planted by Monte.

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