Monte and his beliefs……

November 8, 2009

Above all things, Monte believed in the natural world.  He was a believer in Darwin and natural selection.  But to do so, he did not ignore the impact man had upon this world and the unfair impact man had upon the natural world. Possibly the best way to understand Monte and his love for the natural world would be to look at this love as how a parent would love a child.  That is how deep this love of nature was for Monte.

Monte was known to state how he had more compassion toward animals than he did man.

Monte did not believe in a Christian God, either.  If anything, Monte’s thinking was more along the same lines of Native Americans when it came to a “God.”  Monte worshiped the earth, what came from the earth and what went back into the earth.

Not enough can be stated about Monte’s admiration for the natural world.  Monte truly loved nature and it pained him greatly to watch environmental shows depicting the destruction of the natural world.

And with many of us, Monte could be seen as a huge pile of striking contradictions.  Though at one time he was the caretaker for a private hunting club, Monte was never partial to the hunting of animals.  To further add to this contradiction, he was fond eating of wild game.  Monte always loved good eating.  The distinction that can be made is, trophy hunting disgusted him, but hunting for food did not.  He did not mind the hunting for the pleasure of food, but the hunting for the pleasure of the kill is what bothered him (and yet, another contradiction pops up when regarding Darwin and the survival of the fittest).

As written earlier, Monte was a stubborn fellow and did not suffer fools lightly.  He enjoyed a good time and could converse with the best well-rounded of people.  He enjoyed good cinema and other artistic forms of culture.  Later in life he did not enjoy crowds and other than nearby drinking establishments, liked to remain close to home.


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