Monte and his beloved brother Jared

November 8, 2009

FixedJaredGaryOf these two men, the man in the background and manning the wooden, push-pole was Monte’s brother Jared.  The man in the foreground is Gary “Scrubby” Brush.  More will be written about Gary later on.  Jared was born October 22, 1945 and passed away August 31, 1998 at the young age of 52.

For those that knew Jared, not enough kind words can be repeated about the man.  For a very long time, Jared was married to an extremely tolerant woman named Ruth, and the two of them birthed a remarkable set of children, Timothy and Kimberly.

Jared was a well renowned outdoors-man.  Regarding this arena, there was no skill that he did not master.  As Monte’s great friend Marv could master a canoe like no other, Jared could do the same with a Jon boat and push pole.  In his hands, riding in a push pole controlled Jon boat felt like riding in a craft traveling over frozen water.

Jared was an extremely giving person and known to give things to others while doing without.

Like Monte, a true examination of Jared would be dishonest if words were not written about his alcoholism.  Jared was known for his lack of distaste for warm beer.  Often times, when out on a hot lake, other boats people would pull up beside him and only refuse an offered beer after seeing Jared remove a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon from a sodden and tearing paper sack from the bottom of the boat.


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