Monte’s traditional Santa

November 8, 2009

Monte santaThis is a color drawing Monte did a very, very long time ago.  After being born in Banner, John and Zelma and their six boys eventually landed in Monterey, IL, a short three miles from Banner.

This gem would end up next to a set of light switches in the backroom to the Ellis home during the Christmas season.  Everyone would know it was getting close to Santa time when this image would appear next to the light switch.  Note the adhesive residue left behind on the image.

After Zelma and John passed away, Monte’s son dearly wanted this small illustration for keepsake and when he asked where it was, no one in the extended family could tell him what happened to it.  Imagine his surprise when it was given to him by his Mother, Sharyl.  She had been able to locate it and preserve it for her son.   He still has it to this day.

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