November 27, 2009

This is a close up of a nesting humming-bird.  This is an early prototype created by Monte.   Later, he would create a more realistic setting, which would include pieces of wood, with handcrafted wild flowers, lady bugs and morel mushrooms.

On a humorous note, while at the Duck Island Gun Club  as the site manager, one time swallows built a nest above a light socket inside the clubhouse.  Monte and Sharyl let the bird raise its young and then leave.  When the bird and young swallows left the nest, Monte created a life-size replica of the swallow and placed it in the remaining nest.  Afterward, when friends and family would visit, they would quietly be led in to the clubhouse to be shown the nesting swallow and then express great surprise when they learned the bird was fake.

The swallow replica still exists.

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