Monte’s Self Portraits Of Brothers in 1964

December 14, 2009

These are pencil drawings Monte did of the Ellis boys as they were in 1964. They were most likely done as a gift to Zelma.

From  top, left to right, Monte, 25; Lonnie, 23; Larry, 21;  from bottom, left to right, Jared, 19; Fred, 15; and Jon, 12.

For the longest time, each of these pencil portraits were framed and on the wall in John and Zelma’s Monterey bedroom.

Note the small addition illustration on the lower, right corner of each portrait.  Also, the slash marks noticed in Monte, Fred and Jon’s portraits are due to cracks in the glass to the framed pictures.

These drawings were favorites of Monte’s daughter, Kathy.  They were passed along to her when Monte’s mother Zelma passed away.

These portraits are now in the possession of Monte’s son, Eric.

One Response to “Monte’s Self Portraits Of Brothers in 1964”

  1. Kathy Ellis said

    I have always loved these pictures.

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