Autumn Buck

January 4, 2010

As with many people who have viewed this painting, this was one of Monte’s favorite oil paintings.  Monte was very well adept at mixing oil paints for his work and exact years of completion for much of his artwork is hard to determine due to his “perfectionist” tendencies.  He was known to point out, in the eyes of artists, many of their works are never really finished and as time goes by, their artistic eyes will still spot areas of imperfection in their pieces and be in need of correction.

As noted earlier, at one point in Monte’s life, he developed an allergic reaction to oil paints which would cause great pain to his hands and result in the peeling of the skin to his fingers.  If he did choose to work with oils, he would have to wear latex gloves, which grew to be too troublesome.

Notice the similar qualities of the tree in this image and the earlier posted pastel.  While both trees possess very similar qualities, there are differences.  It is possible Monte knew of a tree next to a stream that is captured in these two images.

One Response to “Autumn Buck”

  1. James said

    I am the nephew of Monte Ellis and am curious to who is doing the study of my uncle’s work. Could you please identify where the collection you are highlighting exists and how I might be able to get in contact with you? Thanks.

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