Monte’s Final Project

January 10, 2010

Up until his death on June 3, 2009, this is the last artistic project Monte was working on.  Monte had this clay wolf’ head on a small sheet of cardboard tucked away inside of a drawer in his kitchen.  Late in life, Monte developed minor tremors which limited his motor hand skills so needed in fine sculpture work.  These tremors made it difficult for him to sign his name and write in the beautiful penmanship he was known to have.  When his shaking hands would still, Monte would remove the head from the drawer and continue to work on it.  Notice the dollop of clay to the lower right of the head.  Alcohol consumption reduced these tremors and would allow him to work on his final, incomplete project.

Monte thought he possibly had the onset of Parkinson’s Disease, but had never been diagnosed with the disease.

Monte’s last art project is currently owned by his son, Eric.

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