Monte, Kathy and the Wildflowers

January 12, 2010

A favorite time of the year for Monte was when wildflowers would start appearing in the spring.  At one point, Monte decided he wanted to come up with a series of hand crafted wildflowers.  His hopes were to craft a number of wildflowers and develop a way to easily reproduce these flowers and then sell them as a collectible series.

The assembled wildflowers were placed on a round wooden platform and then covered with a glass dome.  He even developed and crafted a very attractive display bracket which would allow a person to switch out the individual wildflowers.

Monte created the first group of flowers and then developed a way to reproduce the flower.  On several of his art pieces, Monte hoped to  develop a method where he could have others aid in the reproduction and assembly of items such as his wildflowers.

As mentioned earlier, one of Monte’s difficulties when it came to his artwork was that of mass production.  He enjoyed the thinking and development aspect of these new projects, but rapidly grew bored with the repetitive tasks required when it came to large numbers of reproduction.

With his wildflowers, he enlisted the support of his daughter, Kathy.  For a time, the two of them were quite successful in reproducing these wildflowers.   Not too long after this, Monte was diagnosed with colon cancer and because of treatment matters and other matters of life, the project was interrupted and never revisited.  For some time afterward, Kathy attempted to re-spark Monte’s interest in this project, but was unable to do so.  A limited number of these wildflowers still exist, as does the documentation and templates for their reproduction.


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