Eric and reading….

January 17, 2010

There is a humorous story about Monte, Eric and horror.   When Eric was growing up, all things horror, especially comic books and old classic horror movies, were favorites.  Below is a charcoal drawing Monte did of Eric while he was reading a horror comic.

Most of the comics involving horror were either purchased at yard sales by Sharyl’s mother Gladys, or at a newstand in Canton, IL, by Eric.  The newsstand in Canton was ran by a short, bespectacled, pepper and salt haired woman who most resembled a middle-aged aunt.  Farmers and local folk would frequent this newsstand in the mornings while sipping coffee and gossiping.

During one period, Eric started having monster-filled nightmares.  These nightmares came when the Ellis family lived deep in the Illinois River Bottoms.  Eric’s dreams would be filled of decaying men, rising from the muck of the Illinois River mud or of creatures hiding behind massive trees.

One morning,  Eric went to the Canton Newstand, picked out a number of horror comics and took them to the check out counter for purchase.  Unbeknownst to Eric, his mother Sharyl had grown weary of his nightmares and had telephoned the Auntly-clerk and demanded she no longer sell Eric horror comics.   So, after being chastised and refused purchase, with his head down in humiliation, Eric returned them the holding racks and slunk out the front door while hearing the farmer and local folk remark about the nightmares and how Eric should stick to Richie Rich and Archie if he couldn’t handle horror comics.


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