A Difficult Steinbeck-like Tale of Monte & the Family dog, Pet

January 24, 2010

For a long time and mostly when Kathy and Eric were younger, the Monte Ellis family had a female, black, Labrador Retriever named “Pet.”  As with most of these breed of dogs, Pet was a wonderfully friendly and loyal dog.

With age, Pet developed arthritis, other age related problems and heart-worms.   After several attempts and because of Pet’s advanced age, there was not much more a local veterinarian could do to prolong a good quality of life for Pet.

One day when Kathy and Eric were not home at the Duck Island Hunting and Gun Club, most likely in school, Monte took Pet out into the woods of the Illinois River Bottoms, put her down and buried her.

This story is hard to tell because some may believe Monte must have possessed a wanton amount of self-cruelty in being able to do such a thing, however, to him and his beliefs of nature and how the culture was back in those years, taking care of a loved pet in this manner was quite customary.

Later, when the Ellis children came home and asked where their dog had disappeared to, they were simply told Pet had run off and would most likely come back.  Coincidentally, having pets run off from the Ellis family while living in the Illinois River Bottoms was not unusual.  During one period, friends of Monte’s came across an injured deer struggling to swimming in the backwaters of the Illinois River.  After capturing the deer, these friends discovered the deer had a broken leg.  The deer was taken to a veterinarian, the leg set and then brought back to the Ellis family and nursed back to health.

Below is a photograph of Sharyl, the family deer and Pet.  Not long after the cast was removed and the deer’s leg healed, the flood waters receded and the deer returned to nature.

Only many years later did Monte and Sharyl reveal what had happened to Pet.


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