Monte and Sharyl

February 1, 2010

Monte and Sharyl married on June 3, 1961.  Sharyl passed away on June 11, 2007.  Their daughter, Kathy, passed away on December 21, 2005 at the age of 43.  Coincidentally, Monte passed away on what would have been Monte and Sharyl’s 46th wedding anniversary.

Strangely, days before Monte’s death, he was known to remark he wanted to live pass June the 11th.  Those who heard this remark did not catch the meaning in Monte’s statement until reminded Sharyl had passed away on June the 11th.

Monte and Sharyl had a complicated marriage, especially in their later years.  The personal nature of their marriage is beyond the scope of this blog.

Through their lives together, Sharyl had a tremendous impact upon Monte and all facets of his artwork.  Her influence on Monte, both personally and financially, was immeasurable and can never be overestimated.  In terms of finances, for the lengthier part of their life together, there is no other way to honestly put it than pointing out, Sharyl was the bread-winner.  Making this fact known is not done to humiliate the memory of Monte, but instead to start the examination of Monte’s personality and habits.

Depending on the person one chose to believe, there are several tales of the coupling of Monte and Sharyl.  One story Sharyl told was Monte only became interested in her after being denied the affections of her older sister.  Then later the story goes, she became with child and Monte’s traditional parents demanded he do the honorable thing.  To Monte, his story involved Sharyl tricked him with claims of child because he was the local prize of all prizes to catch.  Oddly, to those who have heard both versions, there are kernels of truth in each story that renders an incomplete certainty.  For one, Sharyl would describe reactions and placings in such factual detail, while Monte, well, one can see from his early pictures, not only was handsome man, but he too was with talents thought to be leading to greater things.

Unfortunately, when it came to telling stories, Sharyl had a terrible habit of flamboyant exaggeration and Monte, like a good poker player, would hedge his bets and carefully keep his cards close to his chest while showing no tells.  In other words, often times, the truth of the story being told, sort of landed right in the middle of the two separate versions.  And without an independent witness, the truth would be like trying grab and hold on to smoke.

While allowing him to stay at home and continue his artwork, Sharyl influenced Monte with her strong belief in the promise of his talent and her willingness to mainly financially support their family.  In one way, it probably could be accurate to claim, when it came to his artwork, she had more faith in his future prospects than he did.  This was especially true during the later years of his life.

More will be written later, but it must be pointed out, besides Sharyl, Monte had the support of many people in different ways. These people included other family members, friends and people known to Monte.


One Response to “Monte and Sharyl”

  1. jward199 said

    Monty and Sharyl were both quite the prize to catch. Monty’s smile was infectious, the kind of smile that makes you smile back at him. Sharyl’s smile implies some hidden knowledge.

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