Bottle fishing

February 7, 2010

Back when the Monte Ellis family lived in the river bottoms of the Illinois River at the Duck Island Hunting and Gun Club, when flood waters would escape the banks of the Illinois river, one favorite pastime was “bottle fishing.”  This entailed the release of baited hooks on twine tied around the mouths of sealed, quart-sized, plastic bottles.  Many of these bottles would be baited and released in the flood waters and then watched.  When a bottle started moving around, someone would paddle a canoe or skiff up to the bottle and try to grab it and pull it into the watercraft.  Often times the hooked fish would pull hard enough to cause the bottle to submerge beneath the gray, backwaters of the Illinois river.

Below is a possible sketch of Sharyl, Kathy and Eric.

Monte and Sharyl’s son Eric still owns these bottles.

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