Seeking outside employment…..

February 7, 2010

During the financial lean years, from time to time, Monte would try to find other means of income to help the family.  It is not disputed, Sharyl earned more money for the family than Monte.  For the longest time, Sharyl worked at a local pharmacy and then went back to college to first obtain her LPN and later her RN.  Near the end of her life, Sharyl was a Hospice nurse.  Oddly, not long before her death, Sharyl earned more money during this period than in her entire life.  Not only that, Sharyl’s skills as a Hospice nurse were remarkable and highly praised.  Later, more will be added about Sharyl’s nursing skills.

Over his life, Monte did attempt to take on other money-raising ventures beyond his art.  One venture was playing bluegrass music in the local surrounding establishments for walk-around money.  Another venture included purchasing a draft beer line cleaning rout. This involved traveling to local taverns and running pressurized chemicals through draft beer lines to clean the hoses for better tasting beer.  It could actually be a lucrative business if operated correctly, however, for Monte, two problems arose.   The first was, it is not in dispute, Monte enjoyed the atmosphere of drinking establishments, as well as being in taverns and the consumption of spirits.  This is not to portray during these days Monte was roaming local roads while driving drunk.  The end of the day was his trouble.  Shortly, he grew weary of the monotony of long days driving to these establishments and repeating the same behavior.

The other problem was Monte employed an inconsiderate, degenerate in this endeavor who turned out to be undependable and unappreciative when given a very well-paying job during terrible economic times.  Soon after being hired, this man would not clean these lines as needed and soon, taverns weary of this man’s unpredictability chose other dependable cleaners for service.  Not long after, Monte sold his own route.

One other attempt Monte made at seeking employment was applying at a local museum as an artistic display director.  Unfortunately, Monte did not get this job. He felt one primary reason for not getting the job was his lack of formal education in art.   Recall, Monte’s formal education involved that of a high school degree and a few college course art classes.  Possibly, the disappointing aspect of this was there was no doubt, when it came to arrangement, display and creativity, Monte bore more artistic display talent than most with a formal education in art.

Below is a possibly rough draft sketch of a proposal Monte might have made to this local museum.


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