A solved mystery…..

February 8, 2010

Remember this dead bird….it’s a crow.  Below is the discovered history of this piece.

One thing a lot of people did not know about Monte was he could write.  When it came to nature and life, his prose was amazing.   From the satirical to the ability to write about nature so you could touch, taste and smell it, not many people knew of this extra talent.

After Monte’s death, pieces including journals, fiction and satire were found among his belongings.  The answer to the mystery of the above picture is described below……

“It was winter with the river in one of it’s periodic floods.

Choked with flowing floes of ice, the current wound downstream like an ancient grumbling serpent, all the while emitting dull crunching thuds and crisp shearing sounds as it passed.

When the water started to recede, the new and old ice formed jagged lines and rings along the banks and around the trees.  Then the crows came……

Belligerent and hungry, the crescendo grew with their increasing numbers.   Like rough chords and rough harmony, their voicings echoed through the iced halls.  They filtered through the tall cottonwoods, scavenged the river ice and drove back the owls.

And as suddenly, the ending.  With the sharp crack of guns, the survivors retreated to t lick their wounds and the carcasses of the dead were left lying….except for one which the hand of man hung beside the river. “


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