Miscellaneous Sculptures

February 19, 2010

Below are a variety of sculptures Monte did throughout his life, roughly in the chronological order when the sculptures were completed.  Again, an examination of the pieces show the artistic progression of Monte’s skills when it comes his sculpting and three-dimensional, artistic skills.

Killdeers are known to feign broken wing injuries to distract predators away from their nests.  This same display was posted earlier in photographs from the Riverbank Gallery and of Monte at a wildlife art show.

Many years ago in a local newspaper profile, Monte was photographed working on a clay sculpture of a bass chasing a minnow.  To simulate a darting minnow, Monte suspended the minnow on a thin wire.  As mentioned earlier, Monte did not produce a large body of work featuring fish.  Other than in the photograph in the old newspaper clipping, the clay sculpture of the bass no longer exists.

The importance of he Morel mushroom sculpture is it was created during an era when Monte started experimenting more and more with improved casting materials with the capability to capture the fine detail he sought to record.  The above Morel is not a mold of an existing Morel mushroom plucked from the ground, but a first sculpted Morel mushroom reproduced through casting procedures.

Monte’s goal was to create a process where he, or others in his employ, could mass-reproduce his pieces for later selling.

Below is an earlier display version of Monte’s Marsh Wren.


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