A Contrast of Careers…..

March 14, 2010

While this is a blog primarily about the artwork, life and influences of Monte, a constant reminder must be made about the importance of his wife Sharyl and the influence she had upon both his life and ability practice his craft.

Without trying to sound pretentious or arrogant, the breadth of Monte’s talent and his body of artistic work illustrates he was an American, artistic master.  Artistic examples all ready posted and ones that will be posted later, will graphically show Monte’s artistic products ranged from pieces done in a classical style to that of the development of his own style.

Below is a photograph of Sharyl and her younger sister Susan after being “pinned” as LPNs.

Monte’s tremendous artistic talents were well-known to those that knew him.  On top of that, most likely his personality evolved in various ways from those offering generous platitudes when it came to his talent.   Yes, his talent was something that comes along rarely in life, but with this, Sharyl’s human relation talent was just as special.

Sadly, while Monte’s work left behind physical reminders of his special skills, Sharyl’s talents were pf the less tangible and often considered with less attention.

Sharyl passed away in 2007 and never recovered from the passing of her beloved daughter Kathy in 2005 from cancer at the age of 43.   While Sharyl was not shy in making her comments known and said just  about whatever she felt like saying, she also put her self last when it came to the needs of others. Shortly before her death, she was known to give away her most prized possessions to those who would cherish them.

In her later years, she obtained her RN license and eventually became a tremendously respected and loved hospice nurse. After her passing, countless letters and notes were found in her belongings from patient family members praising her skills, compassion and care. One great strength Sharyl developed when dealing with hospice patients was her complete honesty with them.  She was known for telling the brutal truth and showing these patients tremendous compassion.  She simply would not lie to her hospice patients about their health.  Think of it for a moment – hospice patients are in a hospice program to pass away without pain and with dignity.  Sharyl ensured this with her great empathy toward her patients.

These attributes are mentioned due to the irony of how in American life, so often two careers dealing with the tangible and intangible are viewed.  It is too often things not held in the hand or seen before one’s eyes are quickly forgotten.  To this day, Monte’s skills have a physical reminder, while Sharyl’s do not.  And it needs to be pointed out, just because Sharyl’s career possessed no remaining, tangible artifacts, it does not mean her quality of a skilled person was any less of that of Monte’s artwork.

Another interesting thing about Sharyl’s education was she did not finish high school.  Sharyl was a was a high school dropout and later obtained her GED and LPN and RN degrees.  On top of these amazing accomplishments, she had an uncanny knowledge of medications, health problems and care when it came to ill acquaintances.  Also, area people and family were known to seek her medical advice and care when falling ill.


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