Another art mystery solved….

March 20, 2010

Earlier it was mentioned Monte would craft artwork involving a large Sycamore tree near a stream. These pieces would include a large, gaping hole in the center of the tree trunk, most likely included as an artistic juxtaposition.    Until now, it was not known if such an idyllic location and tree existed or not.

Fortunately for those left behind, through his life, Monte did keep periodic journals and notes about many nature topics.  In two entries in these journals he mentions such wonderful trees and their location.  One entry describes the below posted pastels and their existence in vivid detail.  Then, at the end of the first entry Monte writes how maybe this place exists or maybe it doesn’t.

In the second entry, Monte describes taking a guest along while telling him of a place where such a beautiful tree and stream do exist.  In the writing, the companion laments about how far the travel to see this site is taking and Monte describes telling him to enjoy what is amongst them and the location is not too far.

When the two do arrive to the place Monte said exists, his companion complains that the tree before them is just a Maple tree and not the one he described.  Monte’s written reply in the journal entry to the fellow traveler is, “But it could be.”

The first pastel is the finished product and the second is the rough draft.  An even rougher draft pencil drawing also exists. The finished pastel simply has to be seen in person to fully appreciate.

All three are in the possession of Monte’s son, Eric.


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