Mallards in Fall

March 20, 2010

Below is a Mallard painting by Monte. The interesting thing about this painting is to appreciate its quality, it needs to be seen in person.  Somehow, when looking at this painting, it is as if one is right there watching the Mallards in flight.  The blue sky background appears as if one is actually out-of-doors or looking directly out of a clear, glass window.  The appearance of the colors are so vibrant words can’t adequately describe the painting.

Another thing regarding Monte and his artistic creations was he created them from memory.  It is not to claim he did not refer to other resources regarding the proper proportions of animals or accuracy of nature.  But it is truthful that he did not create original works of art by copying resources placed before him.

Long ago in a profile in a local newspaper, Monte  explained his artistic process such as this.

In later posts additional images will be posted to show the power of Monte’s memory and artistic process.

This painting is in the possession of his son, Eric.

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