A Search For An Individual Artistic Style

March 28, 2010

Below are a variety of paintings and pencils reflecting Monte’s life-long growth and search regarding an individual, artistic style.  A perusal of the pieces of art show an obvious imitation of various styles of past, artistic masters.

In one local newspaper profile, Monte made it know one of his early favorite places to visit was the Parlin-Ingersoll Library in Canton, IL.  In this profile, he revealed he would go to this library to look at available volumes regarding art throughout the world.

Also, anyone who has dabbled in artistic means will admit part of the artistic growth process is to advance their skills by mimicking the styles of previous artistic masters and personal artist favorites.

In the below science fiction-like drawing of the swordsman, note the use of elaborate lines and angles.  This sort of style is commonly seen in science fiction drawings. While the origin of this drawing is not known, Monte was a fan of science fiction tales.

Note the unique shading style in the two below images.  Especially the shading in the illustration of the cabin in the winter pine setting.  Monte rarely used this form of shading in his other pencil drawings.

After Monte passed away, while sorting through his artwork, his son came across a pencil depiction of sexual debauchery during the medieval period.  It is mentioned because this particular piece also captures the style of imagery reproduction known for that period of time.  Because of the explicit nature of the drawing, it will not be reproduced here.  It’s existence is only mentioned because the style of the image clearly portrays Monte’s early adaptability when it came to learning by mimicking the styles of previous artistic masters.

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