Two unusual works of religious portrayals…

April 2, 2010

As mentioned much earlier, Monte was not a religious man and could probably be described as a naturalist, atheist.  Monte also believed in evolution, the tenets of Darwinism and in his mind, did not especially care for how human-kind had grown to perceive the natural world as being provided for the pleasure of humans and to be used at their leisure.  Monte’s love and passion for the natural world can never be over-emphasized and to understand the many motivations of Monte, the passion and love he held for the natural world is the best way of understanding the essence of his life and drives.

These views held by Monte are not being reiterated to offend, but to illustrate just how unusual it was for Monte to have undertaken the two below art pieces.

The origin of the first is unclear, however, it is possible the below pencil drawing may have been done as a commissioned piece of artwork.

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