Spoon River Drive notecards….where ideas travel

April 2, 2010

Below is a pencil drawing of an old, wooden wagon in front of pine trees.  Since Monte is no longer here, unless all ready known, exact explanations of the origins of his artwork can only be speculated about.

During a period around the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Monte and Sharyl worked on several items to sale during the annual Spoon River Drive in central Illinois.  These items included note cards with covers bearing Monte’s artwork and pouches of potpourri.

At one time, the family living next door to the Monte Ellis family had an old wagon in their yard near a large Basswood tree.  Coincidentally, years later the Monte Ellis family would move into this same house.  The wagon that used to be in this yard appeared very similar to the one depicted below and it may have given Monte an idea for one of the note cards.

Below is a photograph of the large Basswood tree in the yard of what would become the final home of Monte and Sharyl Ellis.  This particular tree was a great favorite of both Monte and Sharyl.

Below is the cover to one of the note cards crafted by Monte.  Note the similarity of the changed tree in the final note card image to that of the Basswood tree.

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