Family Portraits by Monte Ellis

April 4, 2010

From time to time, Monte would create family portraits of members of his family.  Earlier in this blog, a photograph of Monte and Sharyl’s daughter, Kathy, and a black and white photograph of a pastel of the photograph was posted.  The images are repeated below.   Also, elsewhere in this blog are a series of six images of pencil drawings of the six Ellis boys Monte created for his mother, Zelma, in 1964.

Below are other images Monte created of family members.

One odd discovery has been made through the examination of Monte’s artwork and that is, of his known remaining pieces, a portrait of Monte’s mother, Zelma, does not exist for some unknown reason.  It is possible through her modesty, Zelma preferred Monte not to produce a portrait in her honor.  The choice of not creating such a portrait of Zelma was certainly not out of the lack of affection.

Monte also created a large pastel of Sharyl early in their marriage, but because of personal reasons an image of that pastel will not be posted.

Below is a large pencil drawing of Monte’s father, John, and other relatives.  John’s image is in the middle and is believed to have been reproduced from his high school graduation picture.

Above, John F. Ellis.

At this time, the name of the above gentleman it is not known, but an attempt to identify him is being made.

While it is believed the drawing of the man in the upper right hand corner is of John’s brother, Fred, the names of the other three men are not known as of this time.  Again, an attempt is being made to discover the names of the remaining three men.

Below is the earlier posted photograph of Monte and Sharyl’s daughter, Kathy.

Below is a black and white photograph of the color portrait pastel Monte created.  The image needs to be seen to be fully appreciated and is in the possession of Kathy’s husband, Frank, and their son, Kris.

Below are two portraits of Monte and Sharyl’s son, Eric.  The first is a ball-point ink-pen parody and the second, a pastel drawing.  Earlier in this blog a portrait of Eric reading a horror comic was posted.

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