Other art pieces…..

April 17, 2010

Over the years, Monte would develop different pieces of art.  Below are two pieces involving cut outs/presses.

Regarding the Maple tree leaf, one way he would create such a leaf would be to make a plastic template and then add striations to the plastic to re-produce the veins and seams of the leaf and then press the leaf on to paper products to record the characteristics of the leaf.   He would then cut out around the leaf.

Monte did not “trace” a leaf or things like butterflies for these pieces.  He also experimented with different recording mediums, such as thin sheets of brass, when it came to these cut outs/presses.  

One Response to “Other art pieces…..”

  1. Sandra Mason (cousin) said

    Eric, Mom and Dad had a copper pair of leaves in frame was very pretty.

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