Figures in earlier posted drawing mostly identified

May 3, 2010

Below is a drawing posted earlier of six men.  It is possibly a rough sketch of a potential painting Monte planned to do, but for some reason did not complete.  Through an old photograph in the property left behind by Monte and Sharyl Ellis, three of the four figures at the bottom right of the drawing have been identified.  The figure in the upper, left hand corner and the cherub man of the lower quartet, have yet to be identified.

As indicated by Sharyl’s handwriting on the back of another located photograph, the main focus of the drawing is of John F. Ellis, Monte’s father, at the of 22.

The black and white photograph is also posted below.

Of the group of four men, the upper, left man is John Courtney; the upper, right man is John’s older brother Fred Ellis and the lower, right man is John Ellis.

Both of these images also appear in the book, Nine Generations of Ellis History 1600s-2000, by M. Fred Ellis, a son of John and Zelma Ellis and a younger brother of Monte.


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