A located surprise….

June 7, 2010

While retrieving a different sculpture to photograph for a later posting, the below sculpture was located.

This is a sculpture Monte created of a swallow.  It was written about much earlier in this blog.  During his time at Big Lake as the site manager, Monte created this sculpture as a joke.  At one point, mating swallows had found their way into the Big Lake clubhouse and built a mud nest above a porcelain light bulb outlet located high upon the wall.  After the young were raised and the nest vacated, Monte completed this sculpture and placed this replica in the nest.

Then, for various reasons, when people were ushered into the clubhouse it was requested they be quiet so the nesting swallow would not be disturbed. Until told of the joke, many people thought the nesting bird was alive.

It was thought this sculpture was lost.  The mud nest most likely is not the nest from Big Lake and instead a nest from the front porch of Monte and Sharyl’s last house in Banner, IL, where for a brief time, Monte employed the same jest.


2 Responses to “A located surprise….”

  1. Jane said

    What a great sculpture, so life-like!

    • monteellis said

      Up close you can see the age and damage. There is a crack in the tail and the beak is slightly damaged. Though, finding it was a reminder of all the times other people would think it was a live bird.

      Thank you for continuing to stop by.

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