Monte and the Bald Eagle

June 28, 2010

When it came to appreciation of creatures of nature, Monte was often attracted to those animals which evoked symbolism of strength and independence.  While Monte was very fond of the Bald Eagle, it is interesting to note it is not represented in Monte’s works of color.  This is possibly because Monte felt the Bald Eagle was best represented in the three dimensional form and use of black and white mediums best recorded the dramatic nature of the Bald Eagle.

Still, even though he was especially fond of the Bald Eagle, Monte did not create a large body of pieces featuring this magnificent bird of prey.

An earlier posted photograph of a Bald Eagle sculpture by Monte.


2 Responses to “Monte and the Bald Eagle”

  1. jcvincent said

    Beautiful drawing, beautiful eagle !

  2. monteellis said

    Thank you for stopping by and looking at the site.

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