An Incompleted, Life-sized, Fawn

July 2, 2010

At one point Monte started working on a life-sized, clay sculpture of a fawn.  For some reason, possibly Monte’s diagnosis with colon cancer back in 1992, it was never completed.

For a period of time, Monte would travel around to wildlife art shows within the Midwest.  Often times these shows also involved some aspect of hunting or other sportsmen activities.  In these instances, it was not uncommon for husbands to drag their spouses to these shows.  Monte’s son, Eric, at one time encouraged him to come up with some sort of wife-grabber such as life-size fawn that could placed right on top of the family television.  It’s not known for sure if that was the reason Monte chose to start the fawn sculpture.

Close ups of the face of the fawn.


One Response to “An Incompleted, Life-sized, Fawn”

  1. Jane said

    amazing how he captured the startled innocence of the newly born fawn

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