More on Monte and Animals

July 9, 2010

Above is an epoxy casting of a mouse sculpture created by Monte.  From time to time Monte would create items out of humor or playfulness.  The inspiration behind this creation probably originated through that of a field mouse rather than a common house mouse.

The image is posted to illustrate how Monte found some sort of interest in almost all of nature’s creatures.  Again, through the years, pets of the Monte Ellis family included creatures such as a pair of flying squirrels, a crow, a deer, numerous cats and dogs, turtles and frogs.

Often, Monte’s interest in Mother Nature would come at the consternation of others.

For example, one time a common house mouse chewed a hole through a ceiling tile in the kitchen of Monte and Sharyl’s final residence.  For a period of time, while drinking his morning coffee and reading the daily paper, Monte would watch with amusement as this mouse would poke its head through the hole in the tile.  Sharyl wanted to immediately kill the mouse, but Monte persuaded her to hold off on doing such a thing.

Other times Monte would refuse to allow fires to be built in the fireplace because chimney swifts had nested in the top of the chimney. For the longest time, he also refused to allow the cutting down of dead trees within the Ellis yard because of the role these decaying trees played in nature’s food chain.

After Sharyl passed away in 2007, Monte expressed a desire to allow his large yard to be allowed to revert to a more natural state and for more than a year, he tried to do just that.  Luckily, most of the yard was secluded from the eyes of neighbors and when it was finally cut and trimmed, it had to wait until after the arrival and passing of the spring’s wildflowers.


One Response to “More on Monte and Animals”

  1. Jane said

    I hope that Monty’s desire to have a natural yard came to be.

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