The Importance of People Like Thomas Edwards

July 31, 2010

While Monte was still alive, it was not uncommon for him to express his interpretation of what was a “quality of life” and how, to him, too often, American society seemed to accept quantity in place of quality.  From time to time, both Monte and Sharyl would seek assurance from their children that the life they provided meant something, even though their economic accomplishments were not as great as what others achieved.

Through their lives, Monte with his passion for art, the natural world and life, and Sharyl, with her untamed personality, compassion and humanistic touch, provided in ways money or property never could.

And qualities like these are the attributes the Thomas Edwards’ of the world carry around with them through their lives.  Sadly, for too many, these qualities aren’t fully recognized until people pass away and in reflection we more fully appreciate the totality of their lives.  These unselfish, tireless advocates for important things we take for granted, appear to effortlessly plod along, their efforts only fully realized when they are gone and we suddenly realize how much weight these few carried for the rest of us.

These people do not seek personal glory for themselves, but instead for what they believe in.  Their concern is not for any platitudes they might receive for their work on behalf  for wildlife, the environment or care of humans.  What they care about is the wildlife, environment and care of humans, not themselves.  Too often, people mistake the two for the same thing, but they really are different animals.

Through Mr. Edwards’ obituary, a letter written by one of his children and the publishing of Mr. Edwards’  last words in the PJS, passions and insight to how people like Mr. Edwards’ felt are illustrated.  Hopefully, when read, people will walk away with some sort of inclination of how these people feel about their passions and also cause more of us to appreciate how important these people are to our world.


One Response to “The Importance of People Like Thomas Edwards”

  1. Jane said

    So true, Eric. People like Tom Edwards are perceived too often as “interfering” in “development”. Although I did not know Mr. Edwards, I agree with his vision and I appreciate all he did to try to preserve habitat for creatures great and small.

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