Monte Would Be Rolling In His Grave

September 25, 2010

Below are two early paintings by Monte, that hung in John and Zelma’s Monterey, Il home for many years.

Like other previously posted images, these were two paintings Monte tried to get back from his parents from time to time and even after Monte promised to trade pieces of a more refined quality, Zelma would not allow Monte to remove them from her home.

Both of these paintings were done when Monte was much younger.  The top landscape illustration is much older and smaller than the below Sycamore tree painting and was on the wall of the Ellis’ front living room for years.

The below Sycamore painting from 1968 adorned the wall of the back living room in the John and Zelma Ellis home.  In his later years, he grew to greatly dislike the Sycamore painting, due to it being one of his early paintings that to him, did not exhibit his later, much improved painting talent.

Monte would probably prefer to have kept these images stacked unseen in a locked store-room.  Again, the intent behind posting these two illustrations is to illustrate the progression of his talent over time.


2 Responses to “Monte Would Be Rolling In His Grave”

  1. Jane said

    I really love the sycamore tree. I have been photographing them for years, and have even done a drawing of one. Monte’s work inspires me to try again!

  2. monteellis said


    Have you ever seen sycamore tree with large, open knotholes in them? I have maples, but can’t recall a sycamore.

    I wish I could ask him about how often he included them in his pieces.

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