Pieces of information about Monte

November 2, 2010

Above is a photograph of Monte taken in the kitchen at Big Lake.  The hat on Monte’s head is the brown and black hat knitted by Sharyl and seen in other photographs.  (The hat is still intact and even wearable to this day).  Monte was actually a very good cook.  One thing he was known for was the ability to take basic items found in a kitchen and create dishes that tasted well.   In his cooking, Monte enjoyed trying to replicate recipes from local restaurants.  One time, after spending a great deal of time tinkering and simmering over a period of a couple of years, he came very close to capturing the taste of a spaghetti meat sauce from a local restaurant.  This sauce included many secret items, including that of minced carrots.

One topping he was unable to satisfactorily copy to his own taste was that of the Coney dog sauce placed on hot dogs from the once known legendary tavern Em’s, in Canton, IL.


Above is a photograph of Monte while in Galena, IL.  Later in his life Monte did not particularly enjoy traveling and preferred to stay near home.  His wife, Sharyl, was the opposite and enjoyed traveling and visiting other places.  At first Galena, Il was one place they both enjoyed to travel to, but later the appeal of Galena was lost upon Monte for several reasons.  One reason most likely was related to the increased commercialization of Galena and Monte’s opinion of the level of the arts and crafts located in Galena.  Another reason was probably related to Monte and Sharyl’s economic status.

Above is a photograph of a young Monte playing poker at some sort of drinking establishment.  Monte did enjoy poker and other gambling games.  As earlier noted, Monte once created an oddly shaped, homemade rolling dice for betting.  It is believed the dice ended up in the possession of his daughter, Kathy.

Monte once told the tale of when he was much younger, a brother-in-law of his was quite known for his love of poker and his inability to leave a poker table in the possession of his money.   As Monte told the story, card players could hardly wait for each Friday when this man would appear in local beer joints for their turn to separate him from his money.



2 Responses to “Pieces of information about Monte”

  1. Jane said

    Fascinating, as always.

  2. monteellis said

    Jane, as always, thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment.

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