‘Tis The Season

December 3, 2010

Above is a pencil drawing of Santa and elves.   (Much earlier another pencil drawing of Santa and elves was posted, but in that drawing, Santa was playing music for his dancing elves).  Monte could either take or leave the Christmas season, but did enjoy the opportunity it allowed for his family members to get together.  Monte’ s wife Sharyl and their daughter Kathy greatly enjoyed the Christmas season.

Sharyl enjoyed acts of giving a great deal and later in her life, to get away from spending a lot of money during the Christmas season, she enacted a rule of only children could receive legitimate gifts, while the adults were required to only present “gag” gifts to each other.

Their daughter Kathy was quite fond of the holiday season.  She always enjoyed the displaying of lights, trinkets and other colorful decorations to liven up the winters in Illinois.


Below is a very light, rough sketch parody of Santa dealing with a hunter who has….well….

And below the Santa drawing is another parody of a hunter mishandling Donald Duck.


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