A Pair of Raccoon Pencils

December 12, 2010

Below are a pair of pencils of Raccoons.

When it comes to Monte’s artwork, the interesting thing about the raccoon is while he was quite fond of the raccoon, the raccoon does not make a great deal of appearances in his pieces.   Of Monte’s raccoon pieces, only one color piece exists and it is not believed Monte reproduced these animals in a sculpture setting.  For one reason, Monte probably felt the raccoon was more dramatically captured in black and white formats rather than in color formats.  The reason why Monte chose not to create three-dimensional portrayal of a raccoon is not known.

A few things that are known about Monte and his fondness of raccoons deals with his admiration of their inquisitive nature, the mothering of their young and the human-like paws.

While living at Big Lake, it was not uncommon for raccoons to climb on to the roof of the house during the middle of the night and root around for items of interest.


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