Wolves in pencil

December 24, 2010

The wolf was another favorite animal of Monte’s.  Over the years, Monte was known to express how difficult it was for him to recreate an accurate depiction of a wolf in either two-or three-dimensional form.  He also was known to comment how in artwork, he couldn’t recall an artist, even himself, who could capture the raw intensity of an angry wolf.

Below are three pencils of wolves by Monte.

Again, like the raccoon, in Monte’s artwork, the wolf is not well represented in paintings or color works.  This may be because Monte perceived there was a more striking contrast of black and white artistic mediums preferred by Monte when it came to works involving the wolf.

Like other animals with similar characteristics, Monte was also drawn to the wolf by its nature and what the characteristics of the wolf represent.

At one point, Monte acquired a larger, round, photograph of a wolf’s head, lightly dusted with falling snow.  Monte was particularly found of this image and kept it displayed on his kitchen wall.

And as earlier posted, the last piece of artwork Monte was working on prior to his death was a clay representation of a wolf’s head, photographed below.

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