An illustration of the abilities of Monte’s remarkable brain

January 15, 2011

Below are three pencil illustrations involving  deer.  The top image consists of incomplete renditions of three deer and the bottom of two deer.  The bottom illustration is a complete illustration of three deer and a flying grouse near a wooded stream.  At first glance it appears the two deer at the right of the page in the first drawing are the same as the two deer in the bottom illustrations.  A close examination of the four deer will reveal there are subtle differences and that one drawing is not a reproduction of the others.   The antlers and ears are different, as are the position of the legs.  Other differences can be found if closely examined.

In other works, even in greater detail and completion, this same aspect can be observed.

Many years ago in an interview in a local paper, Monte told the reporter he created his artwork from memory and from things he had seen in his life.  It is true Monte referred to anatomy texts and photographic images of wildlife to be able to recreate the accuracy of the physical attributes of the animal form, but he did not copy such images directly from the captured image onto his work medium.

Through his life, he also studied creatures and other wildlife in their natural habitat and had those memories to work from.

Monte never grew bored with the times he was able to watch and study wildlife in its natural settings.


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