Some things about Monte

February 5, 2011

A photograph of Monte during the last few years of his life.


Being raised in the Illinois River bottoms, throughout his life, Monte was able to meet a wide variety of people.  Some touched his life in positive ways and others in not so beneficial ways.  Monte always enjoyed interesting discussions with people who were blessed with good conversational skills.  He would avoid those he considered to be boring and shallow.  In his interaction with people, he also enjoyed acting as a provocateur, but from time to time could go too far in his searching of interesting debate.

Monte enjoyed the study of the behavior of man, society, nature and frequently commented how he would have loved to see the riddles of the universe answered before he died.

He greatly enjoyed discussing current events, politics, the environment and of course, the arts.

Often when he was asked questions that involved a reasoned answer, he could be annoying at how long it would take him to answer.  When this would happen, people would think he did not hear the question and then repeat it, while all the time he was pondering his answer.

Monte was a king of jury-rigging and rather than buying commercially made clay carving tools, would make his own out of things such as cut up plastic or hair pins (these homemade tools still exist).

Monte also had a biting sense of humor and was quite adept at making people laugh.  One of the most misunderstood aspects of Monte’s personality was many people thought him to be lazy, when actually he was supremely stubborn and if he did not want to do something, he would either not do it, or take a long time in getting it done.

At the end of his life, even after losing a daughter and wife, Monte was not bitter.  He was disgusted and disheartened over Man and Man’s exploitation of the natural world, but he was resigned to his belief eventually that Nature will have the last laugh over Man.  He would point out how Nature wastes nothing, while all Mankind will someday turn to dust no matter what it tries to do to stop it.





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