More pencils….

February 26, 2011

Below are a variety of pencil drawings by Monte.

The first page is a series of sketches of several items depicting Monte’s skill of reproducing images of all sorts of items.


The middle image is a pencil drawing illustrating an attempt to capture how flying waterfowl appear to the human eye.    The blurring of the wings was an attempt to recreate what a person sees when looking at flying waterfowl.  In much of Monte’s two-dimensional artwork, he was more concerned with capturing a particular mood, or actual scene atmosphere, rather than depicting artwork with detail that would overwhelm the viewer.  While Monte could produce such artwork, such detail was more likely to be seen in his three-dimensional pieces rather than his two-dimensional ones.  When it came to his artwork, Monte felt the use of extreme, fine detail too often masked the emotional aspect he was trying recreate.

Below is an example of Monte’s ability to reproduce mechanical items.


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