March 8, 1962

March 8, 2011

On March 8, 1962, Kathy Angela Ellis was born.  She passed away on December 21st, 2005 at the age of 43.  Kathy was born premature and Sharyl was known to tell people she was so small she could hold her in the palm of one hand.  From early on, Kathy was a generous and caring person who tried too often to please others before herself.

One time when the Ellis children were quite young and the Ellis family were living down at Big Lake, Kathy and Eric found a bottle of baby aspirin.  Thinking the aspirin were just like candy, Kathy divided them up and between the two of them, gave Eric the larger share.  Even though both had to be taken to the emergency room, everything turned out well.

Before her own passing in 2007, Sharyl never fully recovered from the loss of her daughter.


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