Additional Art

June 6, 2011

While remaining items of Monte’s estate were being sorted, other items of original art were discovered.  These items included sculptures, pastels and pencil drawings.  In all, approximately thirty-five additional pieces were located.  On top of these items, editions of Nature Society News from 1980 with articles of Monte, a copy of the earlier posted portrait brochure and other documents were found.

Along with the other pieces of artwork, pages and pages of sheets of thin tracing paper with waterfowl sketches and other unfinished drawings were found.  These pages are indicators of how much time and effort Monte put into his finished products.  Many of these drafts were the first steps in Monte’s later finished pieces.

In addition to these items, approximately 200 hundred other unpublished items have yet to be posted.

Because of financial restraints, an unfortunate aspect of Monte’s early work involved his use of paper products of a lesser quality.  To save money, Monte purchased paper products in bulk quantities.  Because of the lesser quality, in some of his artwork the yellowing of these paper products have occurred.


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