The above pencil drawing of a pair of Pintail ducks is approximately eighteen by twenty-four inches and was drawn by Monte during the late 1980’s or early 1990’s.  In early profiles of Monte in local newspapers, he discussed how he strove to create a mood or emotion in his artwork and especially in his oil paintings.  In other conversations he would discuss how he felt some artists used overwhelming detail in their work and he chose not to because out of concern the overwhelming detail would become the focus rather than mood or emotion.

The above drawing is illustrates if he wanted to, he could create art with great detail in his pieces.


Monte Pre-Mad Men Era

August 27, 2011

As noted earlier, Monte and Sharyl attempted to supplement their income in a variety of ways during the early years of their marriage and family.  Also, at different times as a young man, Monte was a draftsman for both International Harvester and Caterpillar and was quite adept at mechanical drawings.

At one point it appears Monte decided to attempt to provide his services to the state of Illinois in different ways.  Below are rough drafts of a proposal he considered to offer his services.  The rough drafts start out with pencil outlines and progress to more refined, but unfinished product.

One thing to keep in mind, during these past years, attractive printing methods were not as readily available in the home as today.  In much of Monte and Sharyl’s type written projects, misaligned type face from home typewriters is readily apparent.

It is not known what became of this project.  No finished product was found in Monte’s remaining property.