A Lone Wolf

September 14, 2011

Though it has been mentioned before, Monte was quite fond of the wolf.  A common aspect of Monte’s artwork is that of featuring singular focal points existing in the natural world and these portrayals have included both man and creature.  Later, images will be posted regarding the development of one of Monte’s  most popular pencil drawings and people may be surprised the main character in that piece of artwork is not an animal, but instead a depiction of a fictional mountain man paddling along a peaceful stretch of water in a handmade, birch bark canoe.

The above piece is another recently found drawing, which again, for unknown reasons, Monte did not matte and frame.  He may have not done so because of his discriminating eye and his belief (according to him) he could not accurately recreate a realistic depiction of the wolf.




Solitary animals

September 4, 2011

Often, Monte would depict solitary animals in their environment as if it they were unaware of being watched.  It has previously been noted, Monte based many of his pieces on things he had observed in nature over his lifetime.  Also, one aspect of his portrayal of singular creatures possibly comes from his belief, while nature is a collective environment of land, water, air and all living things that exist, at the end of the day, he understood the history of life is also reduced to the story about the survival of a single creature in nature’s battlefield.

Monte would frequently point out, “unlike man, nature wastes nothing,” and in these pieces, it appears he was trying to emphasize that each creature was in fact, important and did matter.

As noted earlier, Monte had a large portfolio and box filled with illustrations in different mediums.  Many of these drawings were more than suitable for framing and selling, but for reasons only known to him, these drawings remained stored away.  (These are the same containers Sharyl once gave to their son for safekeeping.  An act which bothered Monte greatly and one he continued to bring up until they were only returned to him upon his promise not to destroy them.)