Can One Imagine

October 1, 2011


Can one imagine what those influential in Monte’s early life thought when they realized his possible artistic potential? It can only be wondered about what his early teachers thought when this slight, young boy revealed his talents.  Below is an obvious early drawing and one most likely completed for a class assignment.  To have this drawing turned in for an art project must have been quite exciting for the instructor who’s desk it landed upon.

Unfortunately, too much time has passed between conversations with Monte to reveal specific influences and those that pushed him to excel in art.  Hopefully, with increased research in the near future, more will be learned about those who influenced him and his drives.

Some aspects of his drive and influences are more clearly known.  As mentioned much earlier, in his later years Monte revealed he did wish he had a better relationship with his father.  It is not that they had a strained relationship, but a relationship with origins of conflicting perceptions of nature, the purpose of nature and man’s role in nature.  His father, John, was interested in athletics and more active, out-of-doors activities.  His father was also a tireless, hardworking man.  Possibly, Monte’s slight frame and lack of interest in athletics may have resulted in an even stronger drive to excel in wildlife art to build a bond with his own father.


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